Karaoke star: tips and tricks for your awesome night out

No one is going to deny that hitting a karaoke bar is a great weekend activity! However, for some people, the experience can be quite overwhelming. Maybe you’ve never been to such venues before, maybe you’re not sure how the whole singing-live thing is going to work out. Perhaps, you’ve done karaoke multiple times, but are still scared and intimidated.

If you really want to join the karaoke crowd, but have some doubts, our awesome karaoke tips are for you! Keep reading to find out how to get the most of your karaoke outing and have a time of your life.

Don’t go alone or with random people.

If you’re going with a group of friends you know, you’re pretty much bound to have an awesome experience – whatever you’re doing. Karaoke included. As a bonus (that is, if you’re not renting a private karaoke booth), you’ll always have a few familiar pairs of eyes to look at if you’re too intimidated by the general crowd.

Pick your favourite song (or at least something you know by heart).

If you know the words, the melody and all those sudden music changes within the song, your experience will likely be super smooth, as there will be a few less major things to worry about. If you don’t know all the words, but at least know the music very well – it’s good enough too, especially given that not all karaoke venues will have your favourite music available. The lyrics will be on the screen, which is kind of the point of karaoke, so don’t stress too much and go ahead.

Don’t forget to breathe.

When we’re worried, we tend to easily forget that oxygen is essential for survival. You may be surprised by how easily you can loose your breath in karaoke! If your lungs randomly shut down, make a conscious effort to breath steadily and don’t hold your breath – ever. This will make you sound much much better, and the song will flow.

No booze, please.

Well, a couple of drinks to ease the nerves – maybe, if you must. But for the love of God, don’t get drunk before going on stage! Especially if it’s your karaoke debut. Nobody likes to watch a pathetic wobbly goof on stage, so be in control of yourself and don’t get drunk.

Be in the moment.


Really embrace the song, tell yourself you’re a star – and loose yourself in the music for a couple of glorious minutes! Sometimes it’s our daily stresses and doubts that stop us from performing at our best. Forget about those, leave the worries behind and just enjoy yourself.

And remember – there will always be idiots and rude people around. Don’t pay attention to them – you are just a normal person having fun, not “The Voice” competitor. Even if you can’t sing too well, that’s absolutely not the point. You’re just here for a good time, and don’t let anyone ruin it!

Hope you have more courage to hit that karaoke bar now. Please do so – you won’t regret, we promise!

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