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Mini Madness: Squarest Band by Dan H.

Copy of F - The Undertones Liverpool April 2011 033In honor of my parents’ recent visit to New York and a strange conversation with my mother concerning the Rolling Stones, I’ve been thinking about what I consider to be “parent” music, and not just Rolling Stones, Beatles, Elton John and whatever light folk or quirky side-thing (country, Saturday Night Fever soundtrack) parents just sort of quietly enjoy. I’m talking about absolutely, universally lame adult music that attaches plastic explosives to the bridges across the generation gap. I gotta ask, which is the most notorious “lame” band?

ZZ_Top_LiveDream Band: Songwriters, Round 1

Underappreciated in the public eye, over appreciated at the Grammy Awards (which themselves are underappreciated in the public eye, because they’re worthless) – yes, songwriters truly have it all. They actually don’t, I just figured I’d conclude my introduction to legendary writers with a coldly cliched line. Which actually makes it brilliant, I’m pretty sure. Go vote.