Contact information for Band Madness!

Want to talk to us? That’s perfect, because we’d love to talk to you. Here’s a list of useful email addresses for the Band Madness tournament.

  • Got some news that you’d like to see us cover on the blog? Send it to
  • Send press inquires and interview requests to
  • If you are experiencing problems with the site, contact
  • If you’ve got something to say and it doesn’t fit into one of those nice categories, you can also contact Chris or Dan directly, but it would be totally rad of you to use one of those other addresses, because frankly, they’re busy counting their mountains of money.

Some stuff we love

  • Check out Dan’s sports blog, Teapot Dome Scandal. Dan and Nate are also members of A Week of Kindness, the only sketch comedy group in all of New York City.
  • Matt Little, our resident music snob and dictator of the comment boards, is a purveyor of delicious stand-up comedy.
  • Dan is also a member of the Cool Kids Club. If you like drinking and making fun of ’50s edcucational videos, you should probably go to their shows.
  • Everybody who’s anybody goes to The PIT, where the comedy is served hot and fresh, like muffins.
  • Entertainment seekers also go to The Upright Citizens Brigade, where comedy is served cold, like revenge.

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