Pay attention to your rest and diet during the Hajj pilgrimage

In addition to rest, food intake is also often ignored by pilgrims. As a result, many pilgrims choose to snack on the side of the road with a quality that has not been maintained. For the sake of health, pilgrims are encouraged to consume official food from the organizer catering accompanied by information when food can be consumed and cannot be consumed. In the meantime, you can also go to and find out more about the excellent umrah packages.

Devotional activities including going and going home from the inn and going to the mosque will consume our energy. Therefore, adequate food must be balanced. If our food intake is not good, in general, this will also affect our immune system.

In addition, do routine health checks. Conducting regular health checks is something that must be done by worshipers. The examination can be carried out by health workers on guard. Do not forget to take routine medicines for pilgrims with chronic diseases to avoid recurrence in the Holy Land.

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