Steps for painting your wall properly

The following will describe the methods and stages of painting the correct wall that we will share with you. Aside from that, visit if you want to hire a professional painting company near your area.

1 Make sure the wall to be painted is completely dry (at least one month after the picking), or when testing the humidity of the wall shows a maximum number of 16%.

2 Clean the surface of the wall from scraps or dirt. Also, clean the wall from the dust that sticks.

3 If there are hair cracks or small holes in the wall, use wall plaster or wall filler to cover it. Plamir application or wall filler only on cracked parts (not flattened to the entire surface of the wall).

4. Apply the base paint.

5 Apply the first layer finish paint with + 10% dilution.

6 Apply the second layer finish paint without dilution. The distance between the paint application finishes first and second at least 2 hours.

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