These Are Two Exercises For Preparing for Hiking What You Must Do

Hiking is not an easy activity and you have to do it well. Because, a little wrong, then you will feel a very fatal situation. For hiking purposes, there are many places you can go. In fact, many people are hiking in national park Mols Bjerge.

However, before, you must be able to prepare yourself as best as possible by doing some of these exercises.

– One foot squat
Place your left arm on the wall resting on your left leg for balance. Bend your right leg back and maintain an upright posture while slowly lowering your body to the floor by bending the left knee. Keep an eye on your left foot, do not let your knees advance above your toes. Hold it, then slowly stand up again. Repeat with opposite legs.

– Step-up / step down
Place your left foot on the stairs or steps with a height of 20-30 cm. Next, step your right foot up to align with your left foot. Lower your left foot and then follow it with your right foot.

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