This is one of the conditions for applying for a visa

As one of the requirements to be able to go abroad, you must have a visa from an early age. Because there are some countries that really need a visa to be able to enter the country. In fact, in the UK, you must be able to take an English language test so you can get a citizenship visa. You can follow it at

There are many forms and files that you must fulfill when applying for a visa. One of the things you have to fulfill is the photo. The number and size and other conditions will vary depending on the policy of each embassy. Know this information from the beginning through the official embassy website, so that you can provide the right and appropriate photo.
As the photo is needed for various official documents, this photo must also meet the standard requirements, such as the look on the face is clear, the ears look, the results are bright photos and others. To be safer, use the services of a professional photographer. This is so that the resulting photos can be better and more professional.

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