You must read this before you buy an RC car

When you buy an RTR car kit, make sure all the items mentioned are in the box. If one is lacking, then immediately complain to the seller to be equipped. It’s because, if only one is lost such as the battery is not inserted or the remote is not available for the rc buggy, then the car purchased will not be able to be played. Will need additional funds to be able to complete it if you are in doubt and do not immediately protest to the seller.


In addition, you must also ensure that the box received is sealed without damage to the packaging. In addition to the features listed on the car, make sure also the condition of the car body, the default key, and a decal sticker.

A little photograph to capture the moment when RC cars come can also be done. In addition to personal satisfaction, it can also be a benchmark for how long the car can last. You can check the date later recorded on the camera.

Get to Know the Function of Each Type of RC Car

Before buying, you can find out in advance about the type of RC car and its functions. The reason is, each model has advantages and disadvantages of each. By recognizing it, you will not be wrong to buy and avoid fraudulent sellers who just want to make a lot of profits.

There are 5 types that are generally on the market, namely:

Street Car, suitable for flat roads without obstacles in it, such as winding or troublesome rocky roads.

Drift Car is a type of car that has a slippery tire type. Suitable for playing on on-road streets. If you are able to control it, the game will feel even cooler with its long-drift.

Buggy Car, the type that must be played on paved roads.

Truggy Car. This type of car is suitable for challenge lovers because it can be played on off-road roads, and is suitable for new beginners learning the ability to control RC cars.

The truck has advantages in a large body, so it looks cool and handsome when collected. Suitable for off-road areas and can be played by both beginners and professionals.

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